Update 5

What I’ve done:

I’ve added ARIA to the Navigator page and the Sites page on Orion. There is a lot of testing involved as I have to go through many use cases and see if the website will still perform well. There is also a lot of time spent figuring out the right combination of attributes to use to increase the semantic context for the screen reader, and to enable the right text to be read by it. More details of this will be in the project design document.

What I’ll be doing:

I’ll be continuing to add ARIA to the rest of the website. Ideally the Repositories page, but also the Sites page too.


I am waiting on Ken to get back to me on merging my changes with the Orion codebase. I’ve kept a backup copy on my github page.

I’m also have trouble trying to control the order things are detected by the Screenreader. I’ve been doing a lot of searching online to see if I can find a solution for this. So far no luck, but I have sought out advice from Carolyn.