Update 4

What I’ve done:

I’ve added ARIA to the homepage login process. So now the screenreader will be able to detect:

  • if a wrong password is entered
  • forgotten password link
  • create new user link

What I’ll be doing:

I’ll be continue to add ARIA to the rest of the website, as the screenreader can skip important features of the website. Another issue is the that ordering of things being read is not logical. I want to see if I can control the flow of items being read so as to illustrate the structure of the website better.


I’ve been editing Orion within Orion itself. When I create a git branch, do my chances, and try to send a pull request, it merges my changes with changes from the past as well. However, if I do this the “regular” way (i.e. through terminal), it works just fine. I’ve contacted Ken and Carolyn about this. Ken says he will look into the issue and will also fix the wiki so as to make the process clearer.