Update 2

What I’ve done:

As per Carolyn’s instructions, I read up on what makes a website accessible. Here are a list of useful websites to view on this topic:

After that, I activated VoiceOver on my computer (the built-in screenreader for Macs) and tried to do simple tasks, such as sending an email. I found it very unnatural at first, as I was so tempted to use my mouse to navigate instead of listening to an automated voice and using hot keys. The tutorial that is provided (as tedious as it may be) is definitely something you should go through as most of the commands are not intuitive (i.e. you can’t just tab around – there are specific commands for various actions).

What I’ll be doing:

  • Applying my new found knowledge on to the Orion project to find areas where it fails on accessibility
  • Compose a list of bugs (and fix them!)


  • None